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The Roberts Supreme Court has adopted a conservative legal philosophy that incorporates an evangelical religious touchstone. This philosophy, promoted by the Federalist Society, has supplanted the secular legal philosophy of previous Courts. It is strongly supported by those that prefer a white Christian Nationalist nation. Decisions, to  date, and this Courts announced agenda are a danger to our way of life as we know it.

Vernon Lee Knox author


This book got its start in the fall of 2022 when it became apparent that the Roberts Court agenda was one of radical philosophic change, ignoring the sciences, ignoring Constitutional “originalism”, and most disturbing, instilling “religious admonitions” into the whole of our society by proselytizing the Fourteenth Amendments Due Process Clause. Its announced “religious rights” agenda is more than rectifying the differences between the secular and the religious, it is about imposing the latter’s views on all of us.

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