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The Roberts Supreme Court has adopted a conservative legal philosophy that incorporates an evangelical religious touchstone. This philosophy, promoted by the Federalist Society, has supplanted the secular legal philosophy of previous Courts. It is strongly supported by those that prefer a white Christian Nationalist nation. Decisions, to  date, and this Courts announced agenda are a danger to our way of life as we know it.


Vernon Lee Knox author

Introduction Of Book

This book was written to provide an awareness of those organizations with their respective high-profile people who are instrumental in bringing to pass an agenda that changes how we are governed. The Roberts Court is a crucial element in a powerful, well- funded, effort by the pollical right to change our social mores through government imposed Christian admonitions. Casualties will be 250 years of secular Constitutional interpretation, non-Christian citizens, the LGBTQ community, and communities of color will become second class citizens. This defies our nation’s heritage. Hopefully, this book will bring light to this onerous un-American effort to forever change our democracy, as we know it, to one of a theocratic autocracy. Our participation in the political process will determine if we retain our democracy or we get something new.